Uylil Od
This book is a translation of the New Testament into the Marik language of Papua New Guinea. The population of the Marik language group is over 3,500. Most Marik speakers live in the Transgogol area of Madang province, approximately 15 miles south of Madang extending to the coast near Ogea.
Missionaries from Germany began work among the Marik people in the 1950’s. The Amele and Bel languages from the coastal area around Gedaged were used as a medium for both evangelism and education. In the 1970’s English became the language of education in the Marik area. Marik and Melanesian Pidgin continued to be used in the Marik churches until the time this translation work commenced.
At the invitation of the Marik people, the translation of this New Testament began in 1976 with the assistance of SIL. Thanks to the many Marik people whose efforts have gone into the production of this translation. Thanks also to the many people from around the world who have supported this work by means of financial support, prayers, and encouragement.
Above all, thanks be to God for His written word given as a means for people to come to know and believe in His Son, the living Word. Thanks to Him for faithfully sustaining and enabling each and every member of the translation team. To Him be the glory.
Uylil Od
Buk enei are Nu Testamen Papua New Guinea Marik od nem falei fiyan. Marik od wogõ dedig tamo kayau are 3,500 wal fiya. Marik tamo kayau idi, Transgogol akor, Madang Distrik, Madang Provins bun difaredig, dogo neid modoũ are 15 mail saut Madang, Ogea nẽ akor maaĩ sirin difaref melsã.
Biya od wogõya nigin Gemini temeleid yar 1950’s bun, Marik tamo kayau atun kabĩ gariya dinon. Sain anĩ bun, Amele od ado Bel od, are Garaged maaĩ sirin difaredig anidi neid od anĩ nem, biya od wogõya kabĩ ado keleĩ yaleya kabĩ yaleyan. Yar 1970’s bun, Inglis od anĩ Marik akor bun od anim keleĩ yaleya nigin gariya inoyan, isi gama sain enei, Marik od ado Ninã Od anidim Marik sios bun kabĩ yalef isin, ile, sain Biya Od Marik od nem falei fiya kabĩ anĩ gariya inoyan.
Marik tamo kayau neid iweigya bunem, Marik Nu Testamen od falei fiya kabĩ anĩ, yar 1976 bun SIL nẽ isennẽya bunem gariya inoyan. De fiyẽya are Marik tamo kayau musei od falei fiya kabĩ enei nigin kabĩ totol daledig anidi bun ilef. De fiyẽya are tamo kayau kantri tunĩ bun temeleid kabĩ enei nigin dogo neid safineid, kosẽya ado, wau yaleseya bunem disennadadig anidi ganan buneg ilef.
Eneidi ganan wal fiya, de fiyẽya odug anĩ, Negur ĩ ada Yogon Naal kelei ken, momoi tauf nigin Mata Ifenẽya nẽ Od anĩ ifanadan Ĩ bun ilef. Ada, Negur ĩ od falei fiya kabĩ talouf nigin ada mugu mugu toku isennada fen, mageir ifanadadig Ĩ anĩ de tafiyek bagai. Fula fiya medeĩya odug Ĩ bun dogol gai gai ibodkalauf!
Marik Translation Team