God Ile Riong Kinnga Ponganga
nge Mangsengre Okei
The New Testament in the Mangseng language of Papua New Guinea
Nupela Testamen long tokples Mangseng long Niugini
God Ile Riong Kinnga Ponganga
The New Testament in the Mangseng language of Papua New Guinea
Translation by Wycliffe Bible Translators
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Tok Orait
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Ol piksa i kam wantim ol Baibel na narapela buk i stap long dispela sait i gat tok orait long usim wantaim dispela samting tasol. Sapos yu laik narapela tok orait, yu mas askim husat i papa bilong copyright long dispela ol piksa.
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Sapos yu gat askim long dispela, plis askim mipela.
Pes kathnga ako erere omole omole o voth nge, ako a God ile Riong Pnganga lemi
Erere Iion[tab]Iion Orornga[tab]Pes
Riong Mukalinga
Erere ake ini a God ile riong nge keir. Na ini Baibel alavusnga avele, ini inga epee ako o apet i ve ini “Nupela Testamen” eve “Nupela Kontrak” na nge keir ini “God Ile Riong Kinnga Ponganga.” Na them oma i mo i semel nge titalnga, na them oma mun i mo imirenga i semel nge elnga. Them engeng nge riong omole omole eksinga avele, them engeng nge riong mirenga eksinga. Them sis rintet ve aro tokokoere o tital inga riong ake, na a ur e avele na olemi mire senu nge riong aken mirenga. Na them oma mun ur pelie ako i pavurvur aro i opoal tokoke areko o tital a God ile erere ake.
1. Ako a Panongpolong Sivenga or penel lemi, ruru nge riong ponga pelie, aro o thepol ves pelie, aken i mirenga ve, ves areken o ri mun nge rurumong aken.
2. Na aro ve o thepol leta omole ako i voth a rumongaling nge riong omole na i voth roro na i pokurut rintet na i vene:a, aken i mirenga ve, ritetong nge riong aken i voth ruru nge pes aken. Omole i voth nge Matiu 7:6 na i voth a rumongaling nge ‘otoli.’
3. Na ruru nge lain ako i voth ruru nge pes pulua, aro o thepol ves numba ako i pokurut rintet, na ves pelie ako o rumongal nge o ri mun nge riong pelie ako o voth a ves aken lemi. Ves areken aro o opoal thomu mo lomu mire i aolonga nge a God ile riong elonga.
4. Aro ve o thepol [ ], riong ako i voth a lemi ini riong ako toko powe ninengare nge a God ile riong kene o ri ve, riong aken toko relnga i paeso, na ini toko ako i wat malueng aken iana avele. O ri venen aken, eneke o thepol malueng nomenganga ako watongare o wat i na o panes senu riong ranga ve ako toko aken iana, na riong ako i voth a [ ] lemi, i voth a malueng areken lemi avele.
5. Na ritetong nge riong pelie i voth na i patea nge pes 652. Ritetong areken aro i opoal thomu mo lomumu i nine nge Judar ole vothung na nge riong pelie imirenga.
6. Na opoaling nge ves kathnga ako o ri nge ur pelie, i voth mun a rumongaling nge erere ake.
Naro o el opoaling nge a God na Ioni Riringa na nge a Jisas Krais, mo aro lomumu i nine nge a God ile riong ako i sungu a it nge, nge keir. I nunganga.
English Preface
‘God Ile Riong Kinnga Ponganga’ is a meaning based translation of the New Testament into the Mangseng language of Papua New Guinea. The approximately 3,000 speakers of this language live in the mid section of New Britain Island. Information about parallel passages, footnotes, cross references, manuscript variants [indicated by square brackets], and the glossary and topical index in the back, have been given in the Mangseng preface above. We give thanks to God for the prayers and gifts of His people which were an integral part of bringing this translation into existence. We trust that God Almighty through the power of the Holy Spirit will mightily use His word in the Mangseng language in the lives of His people who speak Mangseng.