Reading EPUB Bibles Offline

We offer downloadable epub version 3 files for each of the Scriptures we offer text for. These electronic books are free (except, of course, for whatever you pay for Internet access), and may be freely shared. Look for the link labeled "epub" on each Bible translation's details page. Note that epub files work with Kindle devices and apps as well as Apple Books and many other readers.

Thes epub files are best opened in a reader that supports epub version 3, like:

Using Crosswire Sword apps

To use these Bibles with Bible study applications that are part of the Crosswire Sword Project, set up the repository at (or if your application doesn't support https repositories, at, or manually unzip the Sword module files pointed to on each Bible translation's page into the Sword program's local module repository.

See The CrossWire Bible Society applications page for a list of compatible software.


These Bibles are available on the YouVersion app.

These Bibles are available on the Faith Comes by Hearing app.