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22 March 2024Added Nalik New Testament.
21 March 2024Replaced Enga enq_43_LUK_07.mp3. Started restructuring this web site to be more mobile friendly and updated some information.
21 February 2024Added Ura.
11 October 2023Updated Kakabai.
23 September 2023Updated Korafe.
12 September 2023Updated Enga; removed old Enga translation.
7 September 2023Updated Edolo.
29 May 2023Added Adzera James.
25 May 2023Updated Kaluli Bible. Updated Sudest Bible.
5 May 2023Added Yale Bible.
15 March 2023Added Bau Bible Story.
9 March 2023Updated Odoodee NT.
7 March 2023Added Halia audio.
18 November 2022Updated Kamano-Kafe Bible.
11 November 2022Added Gapapaiwa Genesis. Updated Odoodee partial NT.
4 October 2022Added Edolo John.
27 August 2022Removed .mobi links, since Amazon Kindle now supports epub, but not .mobi file format.
19 August 2022Added Bwanabwana Old Testament portions. Added Nukna 10 Epistles, Sam Mark, Vitu NT, Kope Luke.
23 April 2022Added Adzera audio.
12 February 2022Added Psalms to Patpatar. Added Hinsaal and Sokarek.
11 February 2022Added Barok.
8 February 2022Added Urii.
7 December 2021Updated Fanamaket.
1 June 2021Updated Bindanere and Saliba.
14 May 2021Updated Tairora.
8 May 2021Added Haruai and Coastal Arapesh.
7 May 2021Added Orokaiva Ehija.
6 May 2021Added Manambu.
5 May 2021Added Menya.
4 May 2021Updated Binumarien to 2017 edition.
2 April 2021Added Gizrra Bible.
17 February 2021Added Aruamu Old Testament.
11 February 2021Added Baruga and Gumawana.
10 February 2021Added Mandara.
3 February 2021Added Ono.
14 December 2020Updated Halia to 2020 revision and removed the 2013 revision.
1 December 2020Added Urim-Kalpm portions and Wagi Luke.
30 November 2020Added Nukumanu OT.
18 November 2020Added Konai NT.
11 November 2020Updated Angal Heneng. Added Biangi 2013, Bukawac 2013, Girawa 2013, Inoke-Yate 2013, 'Auhelawa 2014.
10 November 2020Added the revised Halia NT.
9 October 2020Added audio and Android app to Bimin.
10 March 2020Updated Nali Bible.
21 February 2020Updated Migabac Bible.
11 February 2020Updated Nali Bible.
10 December 2019Added Bedamuni Bible.
22 November 2019Added missing parts of the New Testament to Kâte Bible translation.
20 November 2019Added Old Testament to Kâte Bible translation.
28 May 2019Added Genesis to the Lote Bible translation.
22 April 2019Added Edolo Android app.
3 April 2019Added the rest of the Kandas New Testament.
2 April 2019Removed Bwaidoka Genesis pending a translation update.
30 March 2019Added 26 books to the Label NT.
15 July 2018Updated Mussau-Emira Bible.
12 July 2018Updated Misima-Paneati.
26 February 2018Updated Arop-Lokep audio and added Android apps.
22 December 2017Added Urat (urt).
25 November 2017Added Luke and Acts to Nukna (klt).
16 March 2017Added Uare (ksj).
17 March 2017Updated Saliba (sbe).
16 March 2017Updated Doromu-Koki (kqc).
8 January 2017Added Bwaidoka Genesis.
2 January 2017Updated Doromu-Koki (kqc) again (removed extra asterisks).
26 December 2016Updated Doromu-Koki (kqc).
2 December 2016Added Ogea (eri).
7 November 2016Updated Waskia (wsk).
28 September 2016Added Saisai (nmw).
14 September 2016Added Sudest (tgo).
13 September 2016Added Kurti (ktm).
19 June 2016Added Takuu (nho).
15 June 2016Added Mountain Arapesh Bukiyip (apeB).
29 May 2016Corrected a problem with HTML navigation on Scriptures that have partial books of the Bible in them, like Jabem. Reworked the web site navigation and included titles on the welcome page.
29 April 2016Added Anjam second revision 2014. Updated Mussau-Emira and Kandas.
15 April 2016Added books to Anuki and Kakabai.
14 April 2016Added books to Are.
13 April 2016Added Kaninuwa.
22 March 2016Updated Kanasi.
30 January 2016Updated Doromu-Koki.
7 October 2015Added Buhutu.
30 September 2015Added 5 books to Odoodee NT.
9 September 2015Updated Molima Matthew 26 audio.
5 September 2015Added Dedua Romans audio. Updated Crosswire Sword module links.
13 August 2015Added Binandere Mark, Luke, and Acts.
9 August 2015Added links to Crosswire Sword Bible study program modules.
18 April 2015Added more mobi links.
20 March 2015Added inScript and mobi links. Corrected copyright information for Enga and Kamo-Kafe.
20 February 2015Added epub files for each Scripture that we have text posted for.
21 January 2015Separated out new portion of Enga Scriptures in enq2 directory.
27 November 2014Added Kamano-Kafe.
11 October 2014Added audio Scriptures for Malol, Onnele Goininiri, Onnele Rombar, Sissano, Bauni Barupu, and Bauni Pou.
9 October 2014Added 1 Timothy to Mbula.
7 October 2014Added some audio files to Baruya. Updated Enga Genesis and Mark and added audio. Added Enga Android app.
3 October 2014Added revised Waskia Scriptures.
1 October 2014Added Android apps to Waskia.
31 August 2014Added 4 Deuterocanon books to the World English Bible.
8 August 2014Added Tai NT.
27 July 2014Added the rest of the Kandawo NT text and more Kandawo Audio. Added Arop-Lokep audio.
25 June 2014Added Dano Exodus PDF. Updated Tawala NT.
23 June 2014Added Arop-Lokep.
18 June 2014Updated Iyo.
16 May 2014Upgraded the format of the Scripture HTML files again with an even more compact version for better mobile display.
6 March 2014Upgraded the format of the Scripture HTML files with a more compact version for better mobile display.
26 January 2014Added Nukna Ruth and Mark.
3 January 2014Added English Ezekiel and Daniel.
3 January 2014Added English Lamentations.
2 January 2014Added English Jeremiah.
11 December 2013Added Kandawo Philemon and updated Kandawo audio.
10 December 2013Added Kandawo Hebrews.
6 December 2013Updated Doromu-Koki.
2 December 2013Added 1 Corinthians and Ephesians to Mussau-Emira.
19 September 2013Added Migabac Matthew and Hebrews and updated Migabac Ephesians and Philippians.
11 August 2013Added Binumarien Genesis and Exodus.
22 July 2013Added Marik NT.
11 July 2013Re-added Baruya video. Added Tok Pisin video.
9 July 2013Re-added Seimat NT. Added Kandawo John and more audio files.
25 June 2013Updated Buk Baibel long Tok Pisin generated HTML in Apocrypha/Deuterocanon.
30 May 2013Updated Buk Baibel long Tok Pisin text (corrected a few typos).
29 May 2013Added Buk Baibel long Tok Pisin text.
16 May 2013Added Saliba Acts.
15 May 2013Added audio for Saliba Matthew and Mark.
14 May 2013Added Awa, Huli, Ipili, Kuman, Kyaka, Misima-Paneati, Naasioi, Takia, and Tok Pisin audio. Added more audio chapters to Kandawo NT.
13 May 2013Added Aruamu audio.
8 April 2013Removed Baruya video pending copyright question resolution.
13 March 2013Added 6 NT books to Kandawo. Added more Kandawo and Rossel audio files.
14 February 2013Updated Saposa. Added more audio to Rossel.
12 February 2013Added more audio files to Kandawo.
8 February 2013Updated Iyo. Added Yipma Genesis and Luke video.
5 February 2013Added 5 NT books to Kandawo. Added some Matthew audio files to Yele/Rossel.
2 February 2013Added Hanga Hundi Jonah.
1 February 2013Added Hanga Hundi New Testament.
30 January 2013Added Dedua audio and Migabac audio. Added Migabac Ephesians and Philippians. Added 8 books to Mussau-Emira.
29 January 2013Added more Kandawo audio files. Added Odoodee and Kaluli NT portions.
24 January 2013Updated Rotokas, Kyaka Enga.
23 January 2013Added Qaquet Ruth.
19 January 2013Added Kyaka Enga.
18 January 2013Added Kandawo Matthew, Acts, and Romans.
17 January 2013Updated Iyo.
10 January 2013Updated Kunimaipa, Karkar-Yuri.
9 January 2013Updated Madak, Kuot, and Waskuk.
8 January 2013Updated Tinputz formatting.
5 January 2013Added English Nehemiah. Restored ~ character to Naasioi. Updated Ambulas Maprik, Mufian, Huli, Kâte, Komba, Miniafia, Manam, Arapesh, Pele-Ata.
4 January 2013Added English Ezra. Adjusted front matter on Guhu-Samane NT. Updated Motu, Abau, and Arapesh.
2 January 2013Added English 2 Chronicles.
21 December 2012Corrected problem with access to Molima, Rossel, and Kandawo audio files from
20 December 2012Added audio to Yele NT. Updated cover art in existing Yele audio files.
18 December 2012Corrected title markup in Kuman.
17 December 2012Corrected glottal stop character in Kanite.
15 December 2012Corrected some problems with Kuman, Kosena, Korafe-Yegha, Koiali, and Kobon Scriptures.
14 December 2012Corrected some problems with Iatmul and Kanite Scriptures.
23 October 2012Corrected some vernacular titles and some copyright information.
20 October 2012Added English 2 Kings.
19 October 2012Added Madak Psalms. Updated and corrected some copyright information.
12 October 2012Added illustrations to Bariai Bible.
12 October 2012Added Bariai. (Illustrations to follow...)
11 October 2012Added Jabem Shorter Bible.
6 October 2012Corrected a few typos in Mara Gomu NT.
5 October 2012Corrected character set issue in Iduna.
4 October 2012Corrected character set issue in Ankave, Bunama, and Filifita (aoj-filifita).
29 September 2012Added Saveeng Oov and Saveeng Tuam.
28 September 2012Added more Kandas books.
27 September 2012Added Kandawo MAT 1-4 audio. Added portions of the Migabac Bible.
25 September 2012Added English 1 Kings.
24 September 2012Added Aruamu NT.
31 August 2012Added Enga NT.
30 August 2012Added Kuanua Bible.
28 August 2012Added Motu Bible.
27 August 2012Removed Seimat NT.
23 August 2012Added Huli Bible.
12 August 2012Added English 2 Samuel.
9 August 2012Added English 1 Samuel. Added Seimat NT. Updated Sursurunga NT peripherals.
7 August 2012Fanamaket Mark, Philippians, 1 and 2 Thessalonians, 1 Timothy, and James. Added Kandas Mark. Added Label Mark.
4 August 2012Added Suau Genesis, Exodus, Joshua, and Psalms.
22 June 2012Added more Yele Rossel audio recordings.
31 May 2012Added English Isaiah.
28 May 2012Added Nali Mark.
4 May 2012Added Judges and Ruth to the World English Bible British Edition.
28 Apr 2012Added Joshua to the World English Bible British Edition.
12 Apr 2012Added more Edolo books.
20 Mar 2012Added Veqaura NT portions.
16 Mar 2012Added Yele Isaiah audio. Merged Somba-Siawari and Burum-Mindik. Added Borong Genesis, Ruth, and Jonah.
15 Mar 2012Restored Ambulas Wosera 1 Peter 5:9-14 from the printed edition.
10 Mar 2012 Added Somba-Siawari.
7 Mar 2012 Added Hiri Motu Bible.
6 Mar 2012 Added Edolo Matthew, 1 & 2 Timothy, and Titus.
28 February 2012 Added Arau Genesis and Gospel portions.
27 February 2012 Added Aatasara John and Mark.
26 February 2012 Posted corrections to Tairora Scriptures.
24 February 2012 Added Kâte Luke-Revelation
23 February 2012 Added Yipma/Baruya Tok Pisin - Yipma transfer primer.
17 February 2012 Added Angal Henang and Suau NTs.
16 February 2012 Added North Tairora 2 Samuel and more Rossel audio files.
15 February 2012 Added the North Tairora Scriptures.
13 February 2012 Added the Kube NT.
1 February 2012
Made additional spelling corrections to Naasioi Scriptures.
31 January 2012
Corrected text encoding problem in Waskia Scriptures. Quotation marks should now display correctly, and formerly mismarked translator comments should not be in the displayed text. Corrected '- to ' and moved Gen. 6-50 footnote in Naasioi NT + Genesis.
26 January 2012
Added Bukawa NT.
21 January 2012
Finished navigational structure update. Finished changing page titles to vernacular title where I know them.
20 January 2012
Corrected cross-reference problem in Iduna NT.
18 January 2012
Corrected text encoding for the Borong preface. Made some copyright notices more precise.
15 December 2011
Added some Yipma/Wagama Scriptures. Started changing navigational structure so that the link to the book goes to the book index, and the link to the translation goes to the index page for the translation.
14 December 2011
Added the Maiwa NT. Started changing page titles to the vernacular title of the New Testament or Bible where I know those.
6 December 2011
Found the official Ethnologue code for Minimib.
3 November 2011
Added the World English Bible British Edition New Testament and portions of the Old Testament.
21 October 2011
Made book links from the index page go to the section heading index and corrected some major section heading references.
20 October 2011
Corrected the electronic text of the Dano NT to conform to the version of the printed text as corrected with stickers, plus inserted one more correction supplied by the translator.
19 October 2011
Added some Rossel audio files. Corrected a table formatting problem.
15 October 2011
Made some formatting corrections to better separate the Inspired Word of God from helps and navigation aids like introductions and section headers.
29 September 2011
Added font embedding to prophero.css for devices that the user can't install a font on, and for convenience such that they don't have to on devices where they can install fonts. This makes a big difference on smart phones for languages like Melpa. Reformatted pages to better work with both small and large screens.
17 September 2011 Added Miniafia, Lote, and Malê-Hote NTs. Added Ata NT+Genesis and Jonah. Added Yopno NT and Psalms. Updated Yipma/Baruya Memory Verse Book and 10 Commandments.
16 September 2011 Added Yele Rossel audio files.
14 September 2011 Updated Yipma (Baruya) Bible topic book. Corrected character encoding in Anggor preface. Refiled Sembeleke under Ethnologue code ssx. Added didactic appendix for Amele.
7 September 2011 Added Yipma (Baruya) Bible memory verse book. Fixed Amele introduction outline formatting. Added the Sinaugoro NT.
6 September 2011 Corrected a problem with missing text in Patep NT. Added Yaweyuha NT. Updated Waskia NT+Genesis. Added a Facebook "Like" button, below.
3 September 2011 Restored some peripheral materials, such as glossaries. Added support for tables to the HTML generation program, which makes money, weight, and measure tables look better for both translations that currently have them.
1 September 2011 Added Tuma-Irumu NT. Added link to
29 August 2011
Replaced private use area characters with standard Unicode characters where possible. Regenerated all Scripture web pages.
25 August 2011
This site is now hosted on a newer, faster server, with more room for more Scriptures. Added Minimib NT.
17 August 2011
Regenerated West Kewa Scriptures to have better navigation for the partial Genesis. Added Awara Genesis, Ruth, and Jonah. Added Kein, Nii, Sembeleke, and Fasu NTs. Added Keyagana NT and portions of OT. Added Nek Gospels. Added Kombio Wampukuamp and Yanimoi Dialect Scripture portions.
16 August 2011
Added Usarufa Genesis 12-22 and NT. Added Waffa, Waris/Walsa, Weri, and Wantoat NTs.
15 August 2011
Added Saposa Genesis, Joshua, and NT. Added Selepet, Siane, Sulka, Washkuk/Kwoma, Timbe,  Telefol, and Siane-Lambau NTs. Added Umbu-Ungu NTs in Anelale, Kala, and No Penge dialects.
13 August 2011
Added Rotokas, Yareba, Sio, Waskia, and Salt-Yui NTs.
12 August 2011
Added Mape, Mengen, Muyuw, Nabak, Nakanai, Nobonob, Oksapmin, Olo, Naasioi, Kwanga, Kosena, Komba, Koiali, Iwal, Iyo, Kanasi, and Filifita NTs.
11 August 2011
Added Iduna, Kamula, Yele, Yessan-Mayo (Yamano and Yawu dialects), Karkar-Yuri, Faiwol, Fore, Golin, Iamalele, Inoke-Yate, Sepik Iwam, and Wuvulu-Aua NTs. Added Buang Mangga Glossary. Corrected Ethnologue code for Kara to leu and moved it to the leu directory.
10 August 2011
Added Kamasau, Korafe, Borong, Kuot, Mangseng, Mekeo, Mauwake, Madak, Mbula, Mian, Manam, Namiai, Orokaiva, Waima, Rawa, Karo, Mende, Saniyo-Hiyewe, Siroi, Takia, Tubetube and Kanite NTs.
9 August 2011
Added Bunama, Daga, Dano, Dawawa, Dobu, Ewage-Notu, Ambulas Wosera-Kamu, Mufian, Ömie, Girawa, Patpatar, Ipili, Kalo, Kara, Kalam, and Ese/Managalasi NTs. Added Dadibi Bible.
8 August 2011
Changed verse number styles to track closer to the following verse with a small non-breaking space for all languages. Replaced Central Buang Glossary.
5 August 2011
Added Nyindrou Genesis, Ruth, and Jonah. Added Buang (Central/Mapos) and Zia glossaries. Added Sursurunga NT.
4 August 2011
Added West Kewa Genesis 12-22. Updated Kuman, Bo-Ung Mara-Gomu, and Ama NTs.
3 August 2011
Added Binumarien, Burum-Mindik, Bo-Ung (Mara-Gomu dialect), Buang Central/Mapos, Kobon, Vasui (Tinputz), Chuave, East Kewa, West Kewa, Halia, Patep, Ramoaaina, Bukiyip, and Buang Mangga NTs.
2 August 2011
Added Ama, 'Auhelawa, Awa, Awiyaana, Bargam, Benebena, Biangai, and Bine NTs. Corrected character encoding for m-dash in Barai NT.
1 August 2011
Corrected link problems with Barai Numbers and Joshua portions. Corrected header typos in Bola 1 Cor. and 1 Tim. Updated Ypma/Baruya Bible Topic Book with better page breaks. Added Qaqet and Tawala NTs. Added Mussau-Emira NT portion. Added Tungag Genesis, Ruth, and Jonah. Restored missing words in word list in Kuman preface.
29 July 2011
Added Iatmul and Umanakaina NTs. Added Yongkom Genesis and Psalms.
28 July 2011
Added Nali Genesis.
26 July 2011
Corrected font problem for some browsers provided that the user has the Andika font installed and their browser interpreting characters as UTF-8 Unicode. Regenerated all HTML files for all posted Scriptures. Corrected character encoding problem with some books in Folopa NT.
25 July 2011
Added the Yau and Omwunra-Toqura NTs. Held back Omwunra-Toqura Jonah and Psalms pending translator approval. Added Usan NT. Held back Usan Genesis pending translator approval. Added Ampeeli-Wojokeso, Aneme Wake, Angaataha, Angor, Anjam, Au, and Arapesh NTs. Marked Amanab Naineri dialect NT as a test version and removed it from the index until consultant checking is done.
22 July 2011
Added Alamblak NT. Added Amanab NT in both Amanab and Naineri dialects. Added Amele NT + Genesis.
19 July 2011
Added Tok Ples Witu description document. Lightened background colors on Scripture for better readability. Added Kunimaipa NT.
18 July 2011
Added Melpa NT.
15 July 2011
Added Wedau Mark, Imbo Ungu NT, Witu (also known as Wiru) NT, the Wipi NT, the Yongkom  NT, and added Tabo NT in both Fly River and Aramia dialects. Updated Yipma 10 Commandments.
14 July 2011
Added Alekano NT, Ghayavi Mark, Maiadomu Mark, Kakabai Mark, Topura dialect of Wedau Mark, Taupota Mark, and Anuki Mark
13 July 2011
Added Zia NT, Ubir Genesis, and Are Luke
11 July 2011
Added Agarabi and Suena New Testaments. Made corrections to formatting and character encoding of Abau and Adzera NT, corrected spacing in Nyndrou NT preface.
5 July 2011
Added Bola, Fanamaket, Kandas, and Nehan NTs. Added some OT portions to Misima.
22 June 2011
Added Doromu-Koki NT and Baruya NT and Genesis.